Educational Resources

Maxxeus Dental is proud to announce an on-going series of Continuing Education events created for dental professionals who are interested in learning about hard and soft tissue grafting or refining their existing skills within their practice. Visit our events page for listings. 




If you need a copy of our Instructions for Use or Tissue Usage form, you can download the current versions here:

Allograft Particulates

Xenograft Particulates

Allograft Membranes and Structural Grafts

Allograft DBM Putty

We will constantly be adding more education content, so please check back often to see what we've added. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see, feel free to submit a suggestion on the contact us page. 

Introduction to Maxxeus DBM

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Guided Bone Regeneration Procedure

by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw

Guided Tissue Regeneration on Site 30 Distal

by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw

Guided Tissue Regeneration on Site 14 Mesial

by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw

Immediate Mandibular Molar Implant

by Dr. Dan Holtzclaw