• Allograft Bone Particulates

    A natural and predictable way to regenerate bone, particulates are options for ridge augmentation, extraction sockets, and sinus augmentation.  Bone particulates are ground and sifted to specification during our manufacturing process.

    • Cortical Mineralized/ Demineralized Blend

      Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized blend combines two of our most popular products in one jar.

    • Cortical

      Cortical bone is manufactured from long bones such as the femur, tibia, fibula, and humerus. Maxxeus offer the widest range of particulate sizes in cortical to suit your dental application.

    • Demineralized Cortical

      Demineralized cortical bone is made by placing a cortical bone particulate in an acid solution to remove most of the calcium from the bone.

    • Corticocancellous

      Corticocancellous comes from sections of the illium which are ground into several particulate sizes. The blend of cortical and cancellous that results from this process gives this product the structure of cortical, with the open scaffolding for bone to grow into offered by cancellous. 

    • Cancellous

      Cancellous bone comes from the proximal and distal ends of the long bones, such as the femoral head and condyles, proximal tibia, and humeral head.

  • Xenograft Bone Particulates

    Maxxeus Dental Xenograft Particulates are a natural hydroxyapatite bone grafting material. The highly purified osteoconductive material is produced from natural bone through a multi-step purification process. Due to its natural origin, it is chemically as well as structurally, comparable to mineralized human bone (nanocrystalline natural apatite).

  • Maxxeus DBM Putty

    Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) contains a variety of biologically active bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs), which are among the osteoinductive components of bone. More than 20 BMPs have so far been identified in human allograft bone tissue. A validated in vitro osteoinductive assay using ELISA BMP 2 concentration measurement method is used to verify BMP is present in our final DBM product. 

  • Resorbable Membranes

    Natural biocompatible resorbable membranes have excellent handling and protective capabilities. Membranes inhibit epithelial down growth and infiltration of connective tissue fiberblasts.  Barrier grafts conform to the graft site without memory.

    • Laminar Bone

      Laminar bone membranes are made from thin sheets of cortical bone which has been processed to be flexible without breaking, while still supporting weight. These allografts are perfect for procedures where a membrane with rigidity is required, in order to maintain space and allow healing of a larger defect. Grafts are packaged in saline and do not require reconstitution before use. 

    • Pericardium

      Pericardium membrane comes from the sac surrounding the heart. Pericardium functions as a thin pliable membrane that will lay flat on the grafting site.

    • Fascia

      Our fascia membranes come from the Fascia Lata surrounding the thigh. Fascia membranes function as a slightly thicker membrane that will begin stiffer, and become more pliable the longer it is allowed to rehydrate.

  • Structural Grafts

    Platform grafts are instrumental in bone volume regeneration for severe bone atrophy cases that require an increase in initial stability for an implant site.

    • Cortical Pins

      100% resorbable cortical bone allograft negates the need for removing a screw after healing, minimizing creation of a site defect. Cortical Pins naturally maintain space and provide stability during the initial healing phase. Pins prevent collapse of a membrane or gingival tissue. Cortical Pins are never freeze dried, maximizing structural integrity.

    • J-Platform

      J-Platforms are corticocancellous blocks made from the Iliac crest. They are designed to aid in the restoration of severely resorbed ridges without the need for harvesting an autogenous block graft from the patient.

    • Unicortical Platform

      Unicortical Platforms are corticocancellous blocks made from the Iliac crest. They are designed to aid in the restoration of severely resorbed ridges without the need for harvesting an autogenous block graft from the patient.

  • Patient Brochure

    Our new complimentary Allograftology brochure is a great tool for physicians to use when educating their patients about allografts. 25 brochures per package.

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