• Allograft Bone Particulates

    Maxxeus leads the dental industry offering the widest variety of bone type and particulate ranges to suit any clinician’s preference. Bone particulates are processed using a patented bioburden reduction process, then freeze-dried and irradiated in final packaging to ensure a 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level. Maxxeus allografts come in a variety of volumes to give the clinician complete control over the quantity used in every procedure. 

    • AlloBind

      AlloBind particulates are a novel bone grafting substitute that offers the convenience of particulates with the ease of a putty. AlloBind particulates are packaged as a freeze-dried powder that once rehydrated handles like a world class putty.

    • Cortical Mineralized/ Demineralized Blend

      Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized Blend is a premium graft offering which combines approximately 70% mineralized cortical bone with 30% demineralized cortical bone in an optimal mixture for rapid bone regeneration. Now available in the dappen dish!

    • Corticocancellous

      Corticocancellous comes from sections of the illium which are ground into several particulate sizes. The blend of cortical and cancellous that results from this process gives this product the structure of cortical, with the open scaffolding for bone to grow into offered by cancellous. Now available in the dappen dish!

    • Cancellous

      Cancellous bone, also known as spongy or trabecular bone, is porous bone that allows for increased blood flow around a graft site.

    • Cortical

      Cortical bone is manufactured from long bones such as the femur, tibia, fibula, and humerus. Cortical bone is dense compact bone that will maintain space in a graft site. Slower resorption time than cancellous bone means this graft is good for maintaining space.

    • Demineralized Cortical

      Removing the majority of the mineral content of the cortical bone, primarily calcium, exposes biologically active bone morphogenetic proteins that promotes an osteoinductive reaction at the graft site.

  • Allograft Resorbable Membranes

    Natural biocompatible resorbable membranes have excellent handling and protective capabilities. Membranes inhibit epithelial down growth and infiltration of connective tissue fiberblasts.  Barrier grafts conform to the graft site without memory.

    • Laminar Bone

      Laminar bone membranes are made from thin sheets of cortical bone which has been processed to be flexible without breaking, while still supporting weight. These allografts are perfect for procedures where a membrane with rigidity is required, in order to maintain space and allow healing of a larger defect. Grafts are packaged in saline and do not require reconstitution before use. 

    • Snoasis Medical BioXclude® Amnion-Chorion Membrane

      BioXclude® is a minimally manipulated dehydrated human deepithelialized amnion-chorion membrane. BioXclude® serves as a barrier, conduit, connector or cushion in a variety of dental, endodontic, oral maxillofacial and periodontal regenerative procedures. BioXclude® is thin and adaptable with no trimming necessary. This membrane will resorb fully in 8-12 weeks. BioXclude® should be placed dry and will hydrate in the surgical site. 

      BioXclude® is currently on backorder. Please call 800-684-7783 to place a backorder.

    • Pericardium

      Thin and flexible, yet strong enough to suture or tack with minimal memory. Pericardium will contour to the ridge or grafting site.

    • Fascia

      Thicker than Pericardium while maintaining flexibility. Fascia is a strong collagen that will hold a suture or tack if desired.

  • Synthetic Composite Plug

    Maxxeus OsteoMaxx Plug is a Type I Achilles bovine collagen plug with a calcium phosphate-based material (carbonate apatite) infused. The Maxxeus OsteoMaxx Plug is composed of 80% synthetic graft particulate and 20% bovine collagen. This 3-dimensional matrix gives the physician an ease of use factor for socket preservation. Five individually packaged composite plugs per box.

  • Xenograft Barrier Membranes and Wound Dressings

    Maxxeus Xenograft Barrier Membranes are purified porcine collagen membranes that act as barrier to prevent soft tissue ingrowth in a bone defect and aid in soft tissue healing. Wound Dressings are absorbent, porous collagen matrices derived from bovine dermis tissue.

    • MaxxMem+

      Highly purified intact collagen membrane made of porcine peritoneum. MaxxMem+ is a premium collagen membrane that is thin and drapeable allowing for precise placement. MaxxMem+ has a resorption time of 3-4 months.

    • MaxxMem

      Highly purified type I collagen derived from porcine tendon. MaxxMem has moderate mechanical strength and drapeability allowing for conformability and ease of placement. MaxxMem has a resorption time of 4-6 months.

    • MaxxDerm

      Highly purified intact collagen membrane derived from porcine dermis. MaxxDerm is a membrane that has high mechanical strength and structural integrity for easy handling. MaxxDerm has a resorption time of 6-9 months.

    • MaxxDerm+

      Highly purified intact collagen membrane made of porcine dermis that is thicker than MaxxDerm which allows for longer in-vivo stability. MaxxDerm+ has high mechanical strength and structural integrity for easy handling. MaxxDerm+ has a resorption time of 9-12 months.

    • Wound Dressings

      Absorbent, porous collagen matrices derived from bovine dermis tissue. Wound dressings are indicated for the management of oral wounds and applied directly to the site to protect the wound and delicate new tissue growth. Ten individually packaged wound dressings per box. Maxxeus Wound Dressings have a resorption time of 30 days.

  • Xenograft Bone Particulates

    Maxxeus Xenograft Particulates are a natural hydroxyapatite bone grafting material. The highly purified osteoconductive material is produced from natural bone through a multi-step purification process. Due to its natural origin, it is chemically as well as structurally, comparable to mineralized human bone (nanocrystalline natural apatite).

  • Maxxeus DBM

    Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) contains a variety of biologically active bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs), which are among the osteoinductive components of bone. More than 20 BMPs have so far been identified in human allograft bone tissue.

    • DBM Putty

      Maxxeus DBM Putty is 100% Allograft with no synthetic fillers or carriers. Packaged in an easy to use syringe, Maxxeus DBM Putty is sterile, moldable, and resistant to irrigation. Each lot is tested for osteoinductivity using a validated in vitro model. 

    • DBM Fibers

      Maxxeus DBM Cortical Fibers provides a mixture of both demineralized cortical bone fibers and demineralized bone powder in an ideal ratio. This optimum graft mixture can be used on its own or used to augment other grafting materials. Comprised of 100% allograft bone, there are no synthetic carriers or fillers. Maxxeus Fibers are a great addition to allografts or autografts, providing both osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties as a bone void filler.

  • Structural Grafts

    Platform grafts are instrumental in bone volume regeneration for severe bone atrophy cases that require an increase in initial stability for an implant site.

    • Cortical Pins

      100% resorbable cortical bone allograft negates the need for removing a screw after healing, minimizing creation of a site defect. Cortical Pins naturally maintain space and provide stability during the initial healing phase. Pins prevent collapse of a membrane or gingival tissue. Cortical Pins are never freeze dried, maximizing structural integrity.

    • J-Platform

      J-Platforms are corticocancellous blocks made from the Iliac crest. They are designed to aid in the restoration of severely resorbed ridges without the need for harvesting an autogenous block graft from the patient.

    • Unicortical Platform

      Unicortical Platforms are corticocancellous blocks made from the Iliac crest. They are designed to aid in the restoration of severely resorbed ridges without the need for harvesting an autogenous block graft from the patient.

  • Graft Mixing Bowl

    Maxxeus offers a dual-sided stainless steel graft mixing bowl to allow physicians to rehydrate their grafting material and membranes with ease.

  • Patient Brochure

    Our complimentary Allograftology brochure is a great tool for physicians to use when educating their patients about allografts. 25 brochures per package.

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